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Our esteemed readers and peer educators, we are so blessed to have you on board and we promise to always give you the best of our abilities as we struggle to  create  awareness among young people and other age categories as a strategy to help you learn to live a happy healthy life.

Many sexual reproductive health education activities have been taking place in different schools around Fort Portal town and other rural schools as shown in our photos below:

New District Executive 2017/2018

students demostrating peer counsellingIMG_20150627_103528Allen, a senior peer educator facilitatingDenis, a senior peer educator and trainer of trainers faciltating during the workshopHon ALEX, giving a speechDSC00156  Training at Kamengo
Mpangas out reach to Kitumba reportPhotos from King of Kings training October 8, 2013

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  1. Once again am very grateful to see that work is going on well with the Peer Education Program. Thank you very much for the work you’re doing people. Am yet to hear that the newsletter is also finalised. May the joy of serving others be to us a true reward.

  2. I can now say with confidence that we are on the right track. My belief has always been that when we talk to a group of young people especially about HIV prevention, at least a few souls take heed and are saved. That when we guide those young boys and girls on the need to have self esteem, value themselves and to take responsibility of their lives, at least some of them take these words seriously and they yield fruits in their lives. Another observation that I made while working with the students is actually they have a lot of misconceptions which need to be corrected. Some will ask you whether it is true that when you play sex and wash soda in private parts, you don’t get AIDS. This and many other misconceptions have to be corrected. Peer educators need to be guided on how to correct these misconceptions. They also need to be trained on how to best perform their duties.

    1. You can come to our offices located at Booma,Health department or check on our website for contacts

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